Learn and practice hardware/software design, automation, and documentation

What you will practice

  • Verilog/System Verilog for design and verification

  • RISC-V processors

  • Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures

  • C/C++ for programming embedded CPUs

  • Git for project maintenance and teamwork

  • Linux tools: Bash, Make, Sed, and other Linux tools

  • Python for design automation

  • Latex for professional document production


  • Break out of the no experience -> no job -> no experience vicious circle

  • Apprentices of the past have found jobs at IObundle and also in the most important semiconductor companies such as Intel, ARM, Synopsys, and more.

  • A certificate of attendance is provided at the end of the apprenticeship program

Who can apply

  • Electrical, electronic, and computer science engineers

  • Any individual of any gender or belief whom we consider prepared and motivated

Where you will be working

  • Wherever you want: the apprenticeship program is fully remote

  • Communication via video call, chat, email, etc

When you will be working

  • Whenever you want: our work schedule is flexible

When and how to apply

  • The apprenticeship program is open all year round and is free-of-charge

  • Please fill in the application form below